Umbrella Insurance doesn’t just keep out the rain — The Insurance Shop USA – Blog Order – October 2017

Umbrella Insurance doesn’t just keep out the rain, it’s not a fancy parasol or sunshade and you won’t hear Rihanna singing about it. But you can view it as your protective gadget. It function is to protect your assets from an event that you can’t anticipate occurring.

What Umbrella means in this instance is:  comprehensive, inclusive or  overall.

There are some advantages to having an Umbrella Insurance Policy.

1- It’s liability insurance that supplements your basic policies.
2- It can combine or enhance your auto, renters, or home insurance.
3- It often covers a higher limit than a standard policy.
4- If a lawsuit is filed against you, your coverage will cover those damages up to the policy limit if you are legally responsible.
5- Often we don’t realize that we have many assets that can be jeopardized in a lawsuit such as:

  • investments and retirement accounts
  • cars
  • house
  • checking and savings accounts
  • future income

There are difference kinds of coverage for different lifestyle situations, each have different applications and ramifications. In a business for example, there may be a tax deductible for to the insurance. When considering an umbrella policy coverage limits there are several factors you must consider:

  •     The risks you may face.
  •     The value of your assets.
  •     The potential loss of future income

In an uncertain world, you need protection for the unseen.  You need to look at all the factors and choose an umbrella insurance that’s right for you. Contact The Insurance Shop USA to see how you can create an umbrella in your life.


Reasons to Get Wedding Insurance

Your wedding is a very special day. You’ve spent a great deal of time planning, and you’ve probably invested a ton of money. When you’re preparing to walk down the aisle, certain unforeseen circumstances may arise that’ll cost you. However, with wedding insurance from The Insurance Shop USA, serving Sandypoint, ID and the surrounding area, you have the security of knowing your wedding will happen, even if you don’t have any additional money to invest in the big day.

1. Wedding Postponement

Let’s say your mother or father gets injured or becomes ill right before your big day, or the best man’s plane is delayed. You may find it necessary to reschedule the wedding for a different day, so the person is able to spend it with you. This could cost you a large sum to reschedule your big day. Let’s say you plan a fabulous outdoor wedding on the beach, but a hurricane is heading toward the site of your wedding. You can’t have your dream wedding with a torrential down pour of rain and high gusts of wind that’ll blow your decorations around and the bride’s dress up. The insurance will cover the expense of having to reschedule, so you can try again for nice weather on your special day. 

2. Damaged Clothing

Let’s say the bride catches her dress in the car door and tears it before the ceremony, or maybe the groom takes a nibble of something prior to the wedding and slops it down the front of him. The insurance may cover the expense to replace the bride’s dress or the groom’s shirt. 

3. Property Damage 

Let’s say one of your wedding guests do damage to something at your wedding venue. You’ll be held responsible, but wedding insurance may cover the expense. 

Before you make that special someone your forever, contact The Insurance Shop USA, serving Sandypoint, ID and the surrounding area, for wedding insurance by calling 208-263-0888. 

Can You Set Up Renters Insurance Before You Move In?

If you are looking to move into a rental apartment, condo or home, you may be looking to obtain renters insurance. One of the questions that we are often asked at The Insurance Shop USA, serving the greater Sandypoint, ID area, is whether you can set up a renters insurance policy before you actually move in. Here is some information you will want to know. 

Wait Until You Have a Signed Lease

If you are looking to take out a renters insurance policy, make sure you have a signed lease in place before you attempt to get a policy. Many people make the mistake of attempting to take out a policy before the lease is a done deal. Unfortunately, until things are signed, they may fall apart. If you take out a policy and your lease falls through, you may be stuck with a non-refundable first payment and wasted time. 

Your Policy Can’t Start Until Your Lease Start Date

Next, it is important to understand that while you can set up your renters insurance policy before you actually move in, the effective date must match the effective date on your lease. Some people begin to move their belongings in a few days before their lease actually starts and try to start their renters insurance a few days early to protect the items they have moved there. However, your policy only protects you while are under an effective lease. If your lease is not yet valid, your policy will not yet be either. 

If you are preparing to move and looking for a new renters insurance policy in the greater Sandypoint, ID area, let The Insurance Shop USA help. Call us today to get a free quote or to get started putting the perfect policy for you together. 

Wedding Insurance 101: what it covers and why all bride and grooms should consider it

When people plan a wedding, there is so much time and energy spent on the important details such as the guest list, the food, the band and the flowers. With so much going on during the process, many couples neglect to think about protecting the significant financial investment of the wedding itself. However, there are some great insurance policies available to make sure one is protected financially in case something goes wrong on the big day.

Many people wonder what wedding insurance protects against. There are two types of coverages available in the marketplace. The first coverage is referred to as cancellation and postponement coverage. In the event, that your wedding must be canceled or postponed, this policy will protect you from any financial loss. It is important to note that this coverage is not meant to reimburse you should you decide not move forward but for reasons out of your control such as the venue closing or severe weather. If you are planning a winter weather in Sandypoint, ID,  it is critical to protect against a delay due to weather!

The second coverage available is a liability policy that will protect you financially in the event someone is injured at your wedding or damage is caused by one of your guests. You will also want to check the contract you have with the venue as many businesses will require this coverage. If it is necessary, you should share the contract with your agent at The Insurance Shop USA to ensure you are carrying the required limits.

No bride or groom wants to think of a situation in which a wedding could be canceled or a guest being injured. However, it is important to remember that a wedding is a significant financial investment and should be protected. If you would like to learn more about wedding insurance, please reach out to us at The Insurance Shop USA, we proudly serve the Sandypoint, ID area.

How Does Condominium Insurance Differ From Traditional Homeowners Insurance?

Condominium owners living in and around Sandpoint, ID  are not required to purchase condominium insurance under the law, however, most banks will require that they do so. Many people have questions as to what the key differences between condominium insurance and traditional homeowners insurance are, and we will discuss them in this article. 

Master Policy

One of the greatest differences between conventional homeowners and condominium insurance is the need for a master policy. The master policy refers to the insurance that is purchased by the condominium association, and this will cover all the common areas, stairwells, building exterior, and property that the edifice sits upon. 

Situations Covered Under Master Policies

Master policies typically carry two types of coverage: liability and property coverage. The liability portion of the policy will cover the cost when someone is injured and files a lawsuit, and it can also cover the medical costs associated with the injury. Property damage coverage will take care of the common areas when they sustain losses due to the wind or other disasters. 

Condo Owner’s Insurance

Each condominium owner will pay an equal share of the master policy price to the condominium association, and they will need to purchase a separate policy for their personal property. A bare walls-in policy will cover the walls and framing, and an all-in policy will cover fixtures, cabinets, and plumbing, both of which are distinctions that do not exist with conventional homeowners insurance. 

The Insurance Shop USA Can Help You

We have experience serving the residents of Sandpoint, ID, writing a variety of insurance policies that will cover them in all their day-to-day activities — and we can do the same for you. We invite you to call us or to stop by our office at The Insurance Shop USA to discuss all your homeowners, automobile, life and condominium insurance needs. 


4 Types of Insurance You Might Need to Cover Your Farm

Coverage for your farm combines elements of a homeowner’s policy with commercial property insurance, as many farmers live where they work. If you farm in the Sandpoint, ID area, The Insurance Shop USA may have just what you are looking for. Here are some different types of insurance you may encounter when seeking coverage for your farm.

Crop Insurance

There are a couple of different kinds here.

  • Crop-Hail Insurance- This one is pretty self- explanatory. It protects your crops in the event of hail. Many farmers purchase this for high-yielding crops.
  • Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)- In some cases government subsidies are offered to farmers to offset the costs of insurance. The MPCI is part of the Federal Crop Insurance Program. It covers loss of crops from a number of natural causes such as drought, moisture, disease and extreme cold. MPCI also includes price protection to cover farmers’ revenues in the event of a low crop yield or changes in the market.

Livestock Insurance

Much like crop insurance, livestock insurance protects your investment in your cattle should a covered accident occur. If a fire, blizzard or other natural disaster should strike, you will be covered.

Property and Casualty Insurance

This covers your property against things like theft and vandalism. It provides liability coverage if someone who works for you gets injured on the job. This may also be called commercial property insurance.

In the state of Idaho, if you have one or more employees, you must also carry Idaho Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Home Owner’s Insurance

Because farmer’s tend to live where they work, homeowner’s insurance should be a part of your package. Make sure that not only your Sandpoint, ID home but out buildings are covered. Depending on their use, out buildings may also be covered by commercial property insurance.

When your home and livelihood are both on the line, it is important to make sure you have the right coverage. Don’t be afraid to ask your insurance agent about discounts for bundling policies. And if you are looking for farm insurance in Sandpoint, ID, be sure to check out The Insurance Shop USA.

Do You Need Religion Institution Insurance?

A religious institution performs a truly priceless service for a community by helping to bring everyone together with one common purpose. The leaders there share in all the major celebrations in one’s life, from beginning to end. They give members advice and guidance during difficult times, and they help to instill a set of values about how to treat ourselves and one another. It’s worth taking the time to protect an organization, so see if you need religion institution insurance for your organization in Sandpoint ID. 

Evaluating Your Assets 

Religious institutions that operate out of the most famous cathedrals in the world already know they need some form of insurance. With all of the art and history, they keep under their roof, there are so many reasons to make sure that it’s protected from vandalism, theft, or natural disaster. But there are other organizations that aren’t quite so straight-forward. Let’s say you hold a community bake sale and one of your members is injured or robbed. Do you have a way to step in and provide help?

The Insurance Shop USA has seen how devastating it can be not to have any coverage at all (or the wrong level of coverage.) Religious leaders take on a lot of liability when they work with any given neighborhood, so it helps to have safeguards in place if something does go wrong. 

Seeking Help 

When you seek help for your insurance needs, make sure you have all the details in front of you. The Insurance Shop USA serves the people of Sandpoint ID so they can understand if they need insurance, and what type of policy will work best for their goals. Let us give you a helping hand if you think you may need religion institution insurance when you call us today. 

Health insurance benefits for your family

To have a productive and happy family, you need to protect them from any health problems. You need to be sure that even if one of your loved ones fall sick, they can get the best treatment without having to worry about the expenses. We as The Insurance Shop USA, are committed to serving the people of Sandpoint, ID with the best service because we understand the importance of family.

We have different health insurance options to cater for your needs depending on your preference. We can insure your health as an individual as well as that of your family. All you need to do is see one of our specialists to get guidance in choosing the best cover for you and your family.
But what is the importance of getting a health insurance cover for your family? Here is a glimpse of some of the benefits of insuring the health of your family.

  • Accessibility to medical care

As long as you have a medical insurance cover, you and your family can access the best medical care services regardless of your background. Also, with a health insurance cover, you can get a timelier care compared to a person with no cover.

  • Peace of mind

With a medical insurance cover, you can relax wherever you know that your family is protected. You don’t have to be there for them to get medical services. You just need to call your insurance company, and everything you need such as an ambulance is availed to you. You don’t have to worry which hospital to go.  You can just visit any hospital of your choice or one that you think can provide the best services.

If you are in Sandpoint, ID , You have the opportunity to get health insurance from The Insurance Shop USA which is an insurance company that cares for you. Don’t hesitate: Contact us today or visit our website to get more information on the benefits of health insurance

What is a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

Life insurance, like any insurance, comes with a wide range of terminology that you may not be aware of. There are a few different terms in particular that are important to understand and the beneficiary is one of them. For those living in or around the Sandpoint, ID area, the agents with The Insurance Shop USA can help answer all your questions.

A beneficiary is a person that is going to financially benefit from the policy in the event of your death. This means the person that is going to cash out the policy and get the monetary benefit from the policy. A beneficiary is a person that you name as the one person that can cash out the policy. In most cases, insurance agencies will allow you to name more than one beneficiary in case something happens to the first person named.

So who can be named as a beneficiary? Just about anyone can be named. You can name your spouse, partner, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and so on. There are few regulations when it comes to naming a beneficiary save for the fact that many insurance companies will not pay out to under age children.

When it comes to naming your beneficiary, you should take the time to consider what debts you leave behind and what needs to be paid when you pass. If you feel that your beneficiary may be challenged, you can always have documents notarized to prove their authenticity. No matter who you choose, it is important that you take the time to make sure your policy is filled out correctly and that all the necessary information is present.

For those in the Sandpoint, ID area, the agents with The Insurance Shop USA can help you get your beneficiary paperwork filled out and ready to go.  

Why Product Liability Insurance is an Important Commercial Insurance Policy

As a business owner, you have an assortment of insurance options available. Some coverage your business will not need, while other forms are vital in protecting your business. Depending on the kind of company you run you may want to consider Product Liability Insurance. At The Insurance Shop USA, we want to help educate you and make sure your Sandpoint, ID business is properly protected. That is exactly why you need to know why Product Liability Insurance is an important commercial insurance policy. 

What is Product Liability Insurance

If your company produces or manufacturers products for sale, this is an insurance coverage you need to consider. You likely do everything in your power to ensure the highest quality product is constructed within your business. However, there may be times where the product causes some kind of health or safety problem with a consumer. Whether they simply did not handle it properly or it is just a one-off defected product, a customer may be able to sue your company due to the damage or health concern it caused. Without Product Liability Insurance, you may be left paying for legal fees and settlements out of pocket. Based on the situation, this can add up. 

Product Liability Protection

As is the case with many other forms of commercial insurance, this is not one size fits all. You can have it tailor constructed to fit your business needs. 

Depending on the kind of business you run, Product Liability Insurance may be a valuable investment for your company. At The Insurance Shop USA, we want to help educate you on the insurance coverage and point you in the right direction for your insurance needs, regardless of if you run a Sandpoint, ID business or one in the surrounding communities.