Can You Set Up Renters Insurance Before You Move In?

If you are looking to move into a rental apartment, condo or home, you may be looking to obtain renters insurance. One of the questions that we are often asked at The Insurance Shop USA, serving the greater Sandypoint, ID area, is whether you can set up a renters insurance policy before you actually move in. Here is some information you will want to know. 

Wait Until You Have a Signed Lease

If you are looking to take out a renters insurance policy, make sure you have a signed lease in place before you attempt to get a policy. Many people make the mistake of attempting to take out a policy before the lease is a done deal. Unfortunately, until things are signed, they may fall apart. If you take out a policy and your lease falls through, you may be stuck with a non-refundable first payment and wasted time. 

Your Policy Can’t Start Until Your Lease Start Date

Next, it is important to understand that while you can set up your renters insurance policy before you actually move in, the effective date must match the effective date on your lease. Some people begin to move their belongings in a few days before their lease actually starts and try to start their renters insurance a few days early to protect the items they have moved there. However, your policy only protects you while are under an effective lease. If your lease is not yet valid, your policy will not yet be either. 

If you are preparing to move and looking for a new renters insurance policy in the greater Sandypoint, ID area, let The Insurance Shop USA help. Call us today to get a free quote or to get started putting the perfect policy for you together.