Condo insurance options for homeowners in Idaho

You may think that the homeowner’s association fees paid for your condo in Sandpoint, ID are enough to guard against a lawsuit from someone who sustained injuries during a recent gathering at your house. The truth, however, is that your association fees only provide assurance for outdoor mishaps. You are completely on your own when incidents happen inside your residence. The Insurance Shop USA can help you find the best solution for condominium insurance in Idaho. 

What does homeowner’s association insurance cover?

The indemnity coverage that you receive under your homeowner’s association contract only pays if a family member or friend is injured on the outside premises of the property. The association will finance your loved one’s recovery if she falls down the stairs leading up to your residence. The group will also pay for damages to a friend’s vehicle if a weak tree branch falls on his car.

You, however, are responsible for everything that happens inside of the house. A drunk friend who somehow breaks his wrist while trying to flush the toilet is your financial burden. Freak accidents such as these are why you need homeowner’s insurance for your Sandpoint ID condo.

What does homeowner’s insurance cover?

A standard homeowner’s insurance policy for your condo may cover the following:

  • Personal injury, where a guest has been injured in an accident while visiting your residence on non-business matters. 
  • Dwelling, where payment is made for structural damage to the interior of your home by either natural or man-made causes.
  • Personal property, where your possessions are covered in the instance of fires, floods, or other unpredictable matters of destruction. 
  • Loss of use, where your home is deemed uninhabitable. In such case, the insurance company may provide enough financing to help you find another residence for either a short-term period or permanently. 

The agents at The Insurance Shop USA are happy to help you find the homeowner’s insurance plan that best fits your situation. Call us today to start a quote for your condo!