How to Protect Your Car During the Winter

Residents of Sandypoint, ID deal with the harsh winter weather. Although the cold and ice are a nuisance, quite unpleasant and an inconvience, they’re much worse on vehicles. Residents can protect their car from damage, though.

1. Garage

Keep your vehicle in the garage when it’s parked. The snow, ice and salt will harm the paint and may even lead to rust. Not to mention, this alleviates the need to warm your car before leaving.

2. Always Warm Your Car

Start your car and allow it to warm up completely before you drive it in the winter. The cold is harsh on your engine and the other components of your vehicle.

3. Clean Your Car Off Totally

While it seems convenient to only wipe the snow and ice that’s obstructing your vision, you should clean all the snow and ice before you pull out. The snow is dangerous to other drivers when it falls off of the car. You don’t want to leave the ice and snow on the paint any more than you have to. It can damage the paint and ultimately lead to rusting. When cleaning off ice, always allow your car to heat up 10 to 15 minutes before tackling it. Allow as much of the ice to melt from the interior heat as possible. Only use the scraper on thick layers of ice and stop when the defrosters and heat are enough to melt it.

4. Remove the Salt

Wash your car regularly to remove the salt. Pay attention to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Many car washes offer this service. You should also opt for one that has steam cleaning. Keep in mind, the salt doesn’t just harm the finish; it promotes rusting.

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