Why Should I Get Farm Insurance?

Owning a farm can be a great way to earn a living. However, a farm is also a very valuable asset that needs to be properly protected. For farm owners in the Sandpoint, ID area, having farm insurance is a practical necessity as it will provide a variety of very important types of insurance. 

Covers Farm Equipment

When you own a farm, you will likely spend tens of thousands of dollars on heavy farm equipment, such as tractors and other machinery. This is a very major investment and operating your farm without it could be impossible. Because of this, you will want to have a farm insurance policy in place that will cover these items in the event they are damaged in an accident or stolen.


Farm owners take on a lot of liability. This can include taking on liability for anyone that comes to their farm for a visitor to work. Since farm owners are taking on a lot of liability, it is very important that they have a quality liability insurance policy included in their farm insurance policy.

Personal Belongings

Most farm owners today will also still live on their farm. Because of this, they will have a lot of personal belongings stored on site. When you have a farm insurance policy in place, you will receive the coverage you need to ensure that your personal belongings at home are covered.

If you live in the Sandpoint, ID area and own a farm, you should learn more about your options through The Insurance Shop USA insurance company. When you meet with The Insurance Shop USA, you can be assured that you will learn about all of your insurance options so you can make the right choice for your farm business.

Do religious institutions need insurance?

Even though the primary role of religious institutions is to teach the society about doctrines, nowadays they have more responsibilities. With increased involvement of the society in religious activities, religious institutions now have quite a number of members and workers, plus most of the institutions now own substantial amounts of property and real estate.  In the recent past, there has been challenging times for religious leaders, from sexual abuse scandals to high insecurity levels; religious institutions seem to be facing the same risks other institutions face. That’s why it’s important for them to take religious institution insurance with The Insurance Shop USA.

Even though it’s not mandatory for religious institutions in Sandpoint, ID to have insurance, it’s important for them to protect their investment against unforeseen circumstances. Some of the coverage options to consider include:

General Liability coverage: Religious intuitions are always full of activities, which means that accidents are bound to happen. This covers any liability claims against the institution from a third party including bodily liability injury and property liability

Workers compensation coverage: Covers employees in the institutions should they suffer work-related accidents/diseases. It caters to medical expenses, lost wages etc.

Personal property coverage: Religious institutions are a store to many valuable items; from donations to irreplaceable artifacts. This coverage protects the personal property from theft, fire, and any other risks.

Professional liability coverage: Religious institutions offer several professional services such as counseling, teaching, pasturing, and much more. This covers the institution from third-party lawsuits against the professional services offered.

When it comes to choosing the right coverage, religious institutions in Sandpoint, ID face a greater challenge compared to other institutions. That’s why it’s important for them to work with The Insurance Shop USA that understands the unique needs and risks that religious institutions face. Contact us today for a decent religious insurance policy or for any inquiry.


Six insurance terms you need to understand as a small business owner

Business owners may find it difficult to find the right commercial insurance policy if they’re not familiar with the terminology.

The following are six important insurance terms to understand if you’re looking for the right insurance policy for your small business:

Actual cash value

The actual cash value of any possession of a company is the amount necessary to replace it when it was first purchased minus any depreciation that possession has experienced over time. Figuring out what the actual cash value of all a company’s assets are important in determining how much coverage that company needs. 

Professional liability coverage

Those practicing certain professions like medicine are subject to possible malpractice suits when they are accused of professional errors. Having malpractice insurance is important to cover the costs of such suits for companies operating in affected industries. 

Named peril

A named peril is a certain liability a company operating in a particular industry might face that may not be covered under a general commercial policy. It’s important for a business owner to pinpoint liabilities unique to their industry and have those liabilities covered as named perils. 

General liability

General liability coverage is a policy that will protect companies from most types of claims involving either property damage or personal injuries. 

Certificate of insurance

A certificate of insurance verifies that a small business has commercial insurance coverage. A certificate of insurance may be important for a small business owner that is seeking financing. 

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance is a commercial policy feature that will compensate a company for lost profits due to periods of commercial inactivity. 

You can learn more about commercial insurance needs by contacting The Insurance Shop USA regarding your Sandpoint, ID business operations. 

3 Reasons You Need to Have Health Insurance

Over the past few years, Americans in Sandpoint, ID have become more aware of the importance of health insurance. In fact, for some time, it was required by law to have health insurance or tax filers faced having to pay a fee if they could not provide proof of a policy. And while it may no longer be a government mandate that you have this type of insurance, it is still pertinent that you understand the value of investing in a health policy. Let’s take a quick look at the top three reasons you need health insurance. 

1) You Can Actually Save Money

Investing in a health insurance plan means that you can use the tax exemption code under Section 80D to save money on your taxes. Even better is that you can receive a tax exemption not only on the premiums you pay for you, your spouse, and your children but also on your dependent parents if they are both seniors. 

2) Sets a Good Example for Your Children

Having a health insurance policy will help ensure you have the resources needed to make it to the doctor for regular checkups, which is vital to your overall health. When you invest in health coverage, you will be setting a good example for your children by showing them that their health is worth investing in. 

3) Avoid Dipping Into Your Savings

Without health insurance, you will likely find yourself dipping into your savings to pay for health-related expenses, including regular checkups as well as emergency medical bills. And with basic hospitalization expenses having increased by more than 10 percent over the past decade, the costs can become enormous very quickly. With the right insurance policy, however, you can have peace of mind in knowing the majority, if not all, of your health expenses will be covered without having to deplete your savings account. 

To learn more about the value of investing in health insurance, please contact The Insurance Shop USA serving the Sandpoint, ID area. 

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

One of the most common questions people have about life insurance is how much to buy. There are several factors that go into making a sound decision when you purchase your policy. There are, however, a few rules of thumb to help you make your decision easier.

How Much Is Enough?

One of the tips most experts give to help potential buyers select the correct amount of life insurance is to add up all of your bills, including expenses such as tuition and mortgages, and multiply the total by ten years. This formula helps give you a general idea of how much would be enough to help your family meet expenses for ten years. This is just a general rule of thumb, and each situation may be different. Consult your insurance agent before making a decision.

Quality Life Insurance

Having high-quality life insurance products that are dependable during a traumatic time is vital. You and your family depend on life insurance to help provide in the event of the loss of a loved one. Don’t leave your loved ones unprotected. Make sure you get coverage that is going to provide for them when they need it most. The Insurance Shop USA can deliver excellent life insurance products to the residents in and around Sandpoint, ID. They can guide you through the process so you can get the coverage that fits your individual needs.

If you are a resident living near or around Sandpoint, ID, you should call or stop by The Insurance Shop USA to get the life insurance options that give you products to fit your budget. They have helpful, knowledgeable representatives ready to answer your questions and concerns. 

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is a necessity for all business whether big or small. At The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID, we offer you quotes that best suit your insurance needs. The following are some of the reasons that make commercial insurance so important.

  • To Offer A Sense Of Safety

Getting commercial insurance for your business gives you the confidence to go through with everyday activities knowing that your business assets and employees are protected. Instead of focusing your energy on keeping business assets safe, you can use it to develop your business. It also helps your clients develop a sense of trust and loyalty since you appear serious and trustworthy.

  • To Cover Legal Costs

Sometimes, your business may be faced with lawsuits due to mistakes made unintentionally. Without the appropriate commercial insurance policies, you may not be able to deal with them. Professional liability and general liability insurance policies help to pay for the legal fees, medical fees and property damage caused by your business goods or services unintentionally.

  • To Protect Business Property

Every business has assets. They could be business furniture, machinery, inventory, vehicles or structures. In case of a fire or burglary, the property can be damaged or lost. Commercial insurance policies help to replace or repair them in case they get damaged or lost as a result of covered risks.

  • To Protect Employees

Workers’ compensation policies cover employees in case of death, injury or illness at work. It pays for medical bills, death compensation and disability compensation. This helps the company save a lot of money which would otherwise be used in settling lawsuits. It also helps to put the employees of an organization at ease.

The Insurance Shop USA is located in Sandpoint, ID, on Walnut Street. We offer quotes for this and other insurance covers. 

What is Commerical Insurance?

Many business owners wonder if they need commercial insurance (the answer is yes BTW) but aren’t sure what it is or where they should start looking.  Before you start the search for a policy, it is a good idea to have some general knowledge about commercial insurance.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance policy that will protect you, your employees, your equipment (if you have it) and if you own your building, it will protect it as well. Even if you do not own your building, let’s say you have a retail store and customize the leased space for your shop.  There is a commercial insurance coverage that would provide protection for that. Unfortunately, lots of people do not think they are responsible for those types of things and overlook the part of their lease where it says that they are responsible for additions and only find out at claim time that they have no coverage.   

Business Insurance Coverages

General Liability- If someone is injured at your place of business, think slip and fall coverage.

Property Coverage- This is for all the items that make up your business, inventory, equipment, computers, etc.  If you renovate your leased space, this will cover the improvements, or if you own the building, it will cover the structure.

Business Income Coverage- If a covered loss such as fire forces your business to suspend operations while repairs are made, business income can help you recoup some of those losses during your downtime.  Understand, though that this does not cover "being slow."

When you start the application process for commercial insurance, be sure to tell your agent all aspects of your operations. Commercial policies can have exclusions for specific activities; you do not want to find out at claim time that you are not appropriately covered.  

You can find insurance companies that write commercial insurance policies for just about every type of (legal) business.  If you are looking for commercial insurance in the Sandpoint, ID, contact The Insurance Shop USA today!


Why Wedding Insurance Can be Useful in Sandpoint, ID

A wedding may be one of the most special days of anyone’s life, but very few are preoccupied with insurance coverage. A small scale wedding may not have many costs or risks, but a large wedding is another story. Since there are so many expenses on the line, many couples will choose to take out an insurance policy. If you are planning a big wedding in the Sandpoint, ID area, consider consulting with The Insurance Shop USA.

What is the Point of Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is designed to protect those attending the wedding from unforeseen disasters. This can include accidents or last-minute changes to the event. The insurance policy will include exactly what is covered and the conditions.

What is typically covered?

Canceled Events: If there is extreme weather affecting an outdoor event, that is a perfect example of what is covered. Bad weather can have expenses like losing the deposit at a venue, additional hotel costs, or transportation costs.

Injuries: Accidents can happen at even the calmest of weddings. The costs associated with the injury or changed plans may be covered to a certain extent.

Liability: Thereis a certain legal liability when hosting at certain venues that do not provide liability coverage.

Unfulfilled Services: If caterers or other service providers do not show up, the last minute costs may be included in the policy.

Keep in mind, canceling a wedding due to a couple with cold feet is not likely covered under a policy. To get a good idea of wedding insurance pricing in the Sandpoint, ID area, consider giving The Insurance Shop USA a call.


Can I Add Umbrella Insurance to an Existing Policy?

If you have a current homeowner’s or auto insurance policy in Sandpoint, ID, that’s great. But in a situation where someone is injured on your property or another unfortunate accident, will the coverage be enough?

This is a question that many people ask the team at The Insurance Shop USA every day. The answer isn’t so simple. Because, in reality, it will depend on a number of factors whether or not your existing coverage is enough to handle the damages and injuries that occur. 

Understanding Umbrella Insurance 

This is when an umbrella insurance policy can be invaluable. This insurance is designed to provide a cushion for your existing policy by adding more protection. These policies are usually more affordable than traditional policies and provide an additional layer of peace of mind that if an accident or issue occurs, you will be covered, and you won’t have to cover any of the damages or injuries out of your own pocket. 

Buying Umbrella Insurance 

If you are ready to invest in umbrella insurance, it doesn’t mean you have to buy completely new coverage. You can add this type of policy to your existing policy. Doing this will help provide more protection, regardless of your situation or the incident that occurs. 

If you are ready to make this purchase, then you should ask your existing insurance provider about bundling policies, compare quotes and find a reputable agent to work with. This will ensure that you get the very best deal on this type of coverage. 

If you need help purchasing this type of coverage, feel free to reach out to The Insurance Shop USA serving Sandpoint, ID. They will be able to answer any questions you have and ensure you get the policy that you want and need for added protection. 


What Is Religious Institution Insurance?

The Insurance Shop USA offers religious institution insurance for religious organizations that cover a variety of possible risks. People who work or belong to a religious community within the Sandpoint, ID area can purchase religious institution insurance that will protect both the property and the people who work and worship at that location. There are often many questions that surround this type of policy so it’s important to talk to a licensed agent to get accurate answers.

Protection For the Property 

Religious institution insurance covers damage to churches, synagogues, mosques, cemeteries, and any other type of property that is owned by the organization. This also includes items that are used during worship services including hymnals, chalices, altar cloths, and sacraments. Many items owned by a church are extremely valuable and may not be able to be replaced. Insurance coverage can help to cover a portion of the cost of the items and repair damage to the buildings.

Protection for the People

This type of insurance also covers individuals who are employed by the church or act as groundskeepers or caretakers. The policy may also cover the cost of medical care of parishioners are injured during a service or while helping out around the property.

Religious organizations in the Sandpoint, ID area are encouraged to call the licensed agents of The Insurance Shop USA to find out what type of coverage is available for their church, sanctuary, cemetery, and other religious property.  Maintaining adequate amounts of coverage on property belonging to a religious organization ensures that the risk of financial loss is kept to a minimum. Contact an agent today to get the answers you need concerning this type of coverage.