What You Should Know about Homeowners Insurance and a Vacation Home

Purchasing a vacation home is a lot like purchasing your primary residence, but there are some things you should know about insurance coverage. If you have a second home or vacation home in Sandpoint, ID, you should still have insurance. First, check with your primary homeowner’s policy to see if your policy could cover the second home or certain aspects of it.

Your second home insurance policy will depend on how you are using your home. If you are going to be renting out your vacation home, you will need to make sure you have more comprehensive insurance policy coverage and maybe a policy that covers the loss of rental income if the home is destroyed. This way, you can make up some of the rental income you could be missing out on. If renting out your vacation home, you may also want additional liability insurance or an umbrella policy to provide you coverage if someone is injured on your property. Make sure your insurance agent knows about how often you are renting out your home, so you can have the best policy to protect your investment.

Remember that just like with a traditional homeowners insurance policy, there are some things that aren’t covered, like floods or earthquakes. If you want our vacation home to be covered from these perils, you will need separate policies. Second homes may be riskier to ensure since much of the time they are left vacant. You may find that it’s more expensive to insure than your primary residence. Ask your agent at The Insurance Shop USA to see if there are any discounts available, such as for having a security system installed.

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Why Auto Insurance is Mandatory

The purpose of mandatory car insurance is to provide proof that a driver will be able to pay for liabilities in the event of a car crash in Sandpoint, ID. While there is no federal mandate that requires all drivers across the country to buy auto insurance, every state has different laws regarding the issue of auto insurance policies.

When did auto insurance become mandatory?

The debate on making auto insurance compulsory in the United States goes back several decades. Proponents of making auto insurance compulsory argued very reason that it is possible for a car owner to be unable to pay for damages to other people’s property in the event of an accident. It became apparent that some car owners or drivers with permission from the vehicle owners can cause a car crash, yet be unable to pay for damages and other expenses even when it has been determined that they were at-fault at the time of the crash. Massachusetts and Connecticut were the first states to enact compulsory car insurance laws in the 1920’s. The purpose of creating these laws was to help at-fault drivers resolve claims if they default on their accident payouts. Today, nearly every state has enacted mandatory auto insurance laws.

What is considered mandatory?

It might sound weird why health insurance, which is always attracting heated debate in Washington, is not mandatory yet auto insurance is mandatory. Your health insurance is all about you and your loved ones. Typically, the collision coverage option is not compulsory when the vehicle is paid off because it is protection for you. On the other hand, liability insurance from The Insurance Shop USA is almost always compulsory because it protects other road users or other people’s property. Essentially, if at-fault drivers won’t be held liable or be able to compensate others for the losses they are responsible for, the economy would suffer.

Protect yourself financially by investing in sufficient auto insurance from The Insurance Shop USA and you won’t have to worry about losing your assets or savings in case of a car accident. Our friendly agents will guide in choosing the right auto insurance coverages suitable for your budget and lifestyle.


Boat Insurance Coverage Options

Boat insurance coverages are designed to cover any damage to your powerboats, fishing boats, pontoons, houseboats, and yachts. It covers the boat, trailer, motor, as well as the personal items in the boat. It also protects you against liability, lawsuits, and medical expenses. But, you need to get the right policy to enjoy these benefits. Fortunately, you can rely on insurance carriers like The Insurance Shop USA to get suitable coverage for your boat.

If you live in Sandpoint, ID, and you are wondering what your boat insurance coverages options are, then this post is designed for you. Boat insurance offers an essential amount of protection, and each type of coverage offers protection in specific scenarios. Keep reading to learn more.

Collision damage

If a damage occurs due to an accident, this insurance plan will cover the repair or replacement of the boat. Note that there are common exclusions that you must read carefully. These exclusions vary from one insurer to the other, so ensure you understand the exclusions in your policy.

Bodily injury liability

If one or more people get injured while using your boat, the liability coverage reimburses the hospital bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and legal expenses.

Property damage liability

If you are cruising with your boat and there is a serious problem that causes you to lose control, you may cause damage to another person’s boat, a dock at the marina, or other pieces of property. The property damage liability will protect you from paying the repairs out of your pocket.

Comprehensive coverage

This policy is designed for non-collision related mishaps. If your boat is vandalized, stolen, or damaged in an incident other than collision, this policy will cover the expenses.

For more detail on boat insurance coverage options in Sandpoint, ID, contact The Insurance Shop USA and we will help you get a perfect boat insurance plan.

The Affordability of Renters Insurance

Many people choose to rent because they want to save money. Instead of having to come up with a 20% down payment for a property, they only need to scrape together a security deposit and first month’s rent. It’s easy to dismiss renters insurance as an unnecessary luxury at this point, because it may just seem like another expense you can’t afford. But most renters fail to realize just how inexpensive renters insurance can be in Sandpoint, ID. If you’re thinking that you just can’t swing it, The Insurance Shop USA wants to give you a good piece of news. 

What You Pay 

The amount you pay ultimately depends on how much you want to ensure your valuables for, but it may only work out to a few dollars a month. It’s not unusual for people to imagine paying up to 15 times more than what it actually costs. And while not all insurance policies in Sandpoint, ID will replace everything (without any upfront costs to the renter), it’s still worth taking out as a precaution. 

Call The Insurance Shop USA 

If there’s a fire or another major disaster, the landlord will be happy to fix the plumbing or redo the plaster. What they won’t be willing to do is replace the items that were damaged during the event. When you spend hundreds of dollars on clothes and electronics, it’s an excellent idea to spend a little extra so that you can breathe easy if something does happen to go wrong. Calling us today is a great way to ask questions about our policies so that you can find one for you. We help make it easier to find a custom plan that will ensure your valuables in the case of theft of natural disaster. 

Condo insurance options for homeowners in Idaho

You may think that the homeowner’s association fees paid for your condo in Sandpoint, ID are enough to guard against a lawsuit from someone who sustained injuries during a recent gathering at your house. The truth, however, is that your association fees only provide assurance for outdoor mishaps. You are completely on your own when incidents happen inside your residence. The Insurance Shop USA can help you find the best solution for condominium insurance in Idaho. 

What does homeowner’s association insurance cover?

The indemnity coverage that you receive under your homeowner’s association contract only pays if a family member or friend is injured on the outside premises of the property. The association will finance your loved one’s recovery if she falls down the stairs leading up to your residence. The group will also pay for damages to a friend’s vehicle if a weak tree branch falls on his car.

You, however, are responsible for everything that happens inside of the house. A drunk friend who somehow breaks his wrist while trying to flush the toilet is your financial burden. Freak accidents such as these are why you need homeowner’s insurance for your Sandpoint ID condo.

What does homeowner’s insurance cover?

A standard homeowner’s insurance policy for your condo may cover the following:

  • Personal injury, where a guest has been injured in an accident while visiting your residence on non-business matters. 
  • Dwelling, where payment is made for structural damage to the interior of your home by either natural or man-made causes.
  • Personal property, where your possessions are covered in the instance of fires, floods, or other unpredictable matters of destruction. 
  • Loss of use, where your home is deemed uninhabitable. In such case, the insurance company may provide enough financing to help you find another residence for either a short-term period or permanently. 

The agents at The Insurance Shop USA are happy to help you find the homeowner’s insurance plan that best fits your situation. Call us today to start a quote for your condo!

Why Should I Get Farm Insurance?

Owning a farm can be a great way to earn a living. However, a farm is also a very valuable asset that needs to be properly protected. For farm owners in the Sandpoint, ID area, having farm insurance is a practical necessity as it will provide a variety of very important types of insurance. 

Covers Farm Equipment

When you own a farm, you will likely spend tens of thousands of dollars on heavy farm equipment, such as tractors and other machinery. This is a very major investment and operating your farm without it could be impossible. Because of this, you will want to have a farm insurance policy in place that will cover these items in the event they are damaged in an accident or stolen.


Farm owners take on a lot of liability. This can include taking on liability for anyone that comes to their farm for a visitor to work. Since farm owners are taking on a lot of liability, it is very important that they have a quality liability insurance policy included in their farm insurance policy.

Personal Belongings

Most farm owners today will also still live on their farm. Because of this, they will have a lot of personal belongings stored on site. When you have a farm insurance policy in place, you will receive the coverage you need to ensure that your personal belongings at home are covered.

If you live in the Sandpoint, ID area and own a farm, you should learn more about your options through The Insurance Shop USA insurance company. When you meet with The Insurance Shop USA, you can be assured that you will learn about all of your insurance options so you can make the right choice for your farm business.

Do religious institutions need insurance?

Even though the primary role of religious institutions is to teach the society about doctrines, nowadays they have more responsibilities. With increased involvement of the society in religious activities, religious institutions now have quite a number of members and workers, plus most of the institutions now own substantial amounts of property and real estate.  In the recent past, there has been challenging times for religious leaders, from sexual abuse scandals to high insecurity levels; religious institutions seem to be facing the same risks other institutions face. That’s why it’s important for them to take religious institution insurance with The Insurance Shop USA.

Even though it’s not mandatory for religious institutions in Sandpoint, ID to have insurance, it’s important for them to protect their investment against unforeseen circumstances. Some of the coverage options to consider include:

General Liability coverage: Religious intuitions are always full of activities, which means that accidents are bound to happen. This covers any liability claims against the institution from a third party including bodily liability injury and property liability

Workers compensation coverage: Covers employees in the institutions should they suffer work-related accidents/diseases. It caters to medical expenses, lost wages etc.

Personal property coverage: Religious institutions are a store to many valuable items; from donations to irreplaceable artifacts. This coverage protects the personal property from theft, fire, and any other risks.

Professional liability coverage: Religious institutions offer several professional services such as counseling, teaching, pasturing, and much more. This covers the institution from third-party lawsuits against the professional services offered.

When it comes to choosing the right coverage, religious institutions in Sandpoint, ID face a greater challenge compared to other institutions. That’s why it’s important for them to work with The Insurance Shop USA that understands the unique needs and risks that religious institutions face. Contact us today for a decent religious insurance policy or for any inquiry.


Six insurance terms you need to understand as a small business owner

Business owners may find it difficult to find the right commercial insurance policy if they’re not familiar with the terminology.

The following are six important insurance terms to understand if you’re looking for the right insurance policy for your small business:

Actual cash value

The actual cash value of any possession of a company is the amount necessary to replace it when it was first purchased minus any depreciation that possession has experienced over time. Figuring out what the actual cash value of all a company’s assets are important in determining how much coverage that company needs. 

Professional liability coverage

Those practicing certain professions like medicine are subject to possible malpractice suits when they are accused of professional errors. Having malpractice insurance is important to cover the costs of such suits for companies operating in affected industries. 

Named peril

A named peril is a certain liability a company operating in a particular industry might face that may not be covered under a general commercial policy. It’s important for a business owner to pinpoint liabilities unique to their industry and have those liabilities covered as named perils. 

General liability

General liability coverage is a policy that will protect companies from most types of claims involving either property damage or personal injuries. 

Certificate of insurance

A certificate of insurance verifies that a small business has commercial insurance coverage. A certificate of insurance may be important for a small business owner that is seeking financing. 

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance is a commercial policy feature that will compensate a company for lost profits due to periods of commercial inactivity. 

You can learn more about commercial insurance needs by contacting The Insurance Shop USA regarding your Sandpoint, ID business operations. 

3 Reasons You Need to Have Health Insurance

Over the past few years, Americans in Sandpoint, ID have become more aware of the importance of health insurance. In fact, for some time, it was required by law to have health insurance or tax filers faced having to pay a fee if they could not provide proof of a policy. And while it may no longer be a government mandate that you have this type of insurance, it is still pertinent that you understand the value of investing in a health policy. Let’s take a quick look at the top three reasons you need health insurance. 

1) You Can Actually Save Money

Investing in a health insurance plan means that you can use the tax exemption code under Section 80D to save money on your taxes. Even better is that you can receive a tax exemption not only on the premiums you pay for you, your spouse, and your children but also on your dependent parents if they are both seniors. 

2) Sets a Good Example for Your Children

Having a health insurance policy will help ensure you have the resources needed to make it to the doctor for regular checkups, which is vital to your overall health. When you invest in health coverage, you will be setting a good example for your children by showing them that their health is worth investing in. 

3) Avoid Dipping Into Your Savings

Without health insurance, you will likely find yourself dipping into your savings to pay for health-related expenses, including regular checkups as well as emergency medical bills. And with basic hospitalization expenses having increased by more than 10 percent over the past decade, the costs can become enormous very quickly. With the right insurance policy, however, you can have peace of mind in knowing the majority, if not all, of your health expenses will be covered without having to deplete your savings account. 

To learn more about the value of investing in health insurance, please contact The Insurance Shop USA serving the Sandpoint, ID area. 

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

One of the most common questions people have about life insurance is how much to buy. There are several factors that go into making a sound decision when you purchase your policy. There are, however, a few rules of thumb to help you make your decision easier.

How Much Is Enough?

One of the tips most experts give to help potential buyers select the correct amount of life insurance is to add up all of your bills, including expenses such as tuition and mortgages, and multiply the total by ten years. This formula helps give you a general idea of how much would be enough to help your family meet expenses for ten years. This is just a general rule of thumb, and each situation may be different. Consult your insurance agent before making a decision.

Quality Life Insurance

Having high-quality life insurance products that are dependable during a traumatic time is vital. You and your family depend on life insurance to help provide in the event of the loss of a loved one. Don’t leave your loved ones unprotected. Make sure you get coverage that is going to provide for them when they need it most. The Insurance Shop USA can deliver excellent life insurance products to the residents in and around Sandpoint, ID. They can guide you through the process so you can get the coverage that fits your individual needs.

If you are a resident living near or around Sandpoint, ID, you should call or stop by The Insurance Shop USA to get the life insurance options that give you products to fit your budget. They have helpful, knowledgeable representatives ready to answer your questions and concerns.