The Affordability of Renters Insurance

Many people choose to rent because they want to save money. Instead of having to come up with a 20% down payment for a property, they only need to scrape together a security deposit and first month’s rent. It’s easy to dismiss renters insurance as an unnecessary luxury at this point, because it may just seem like another expense you can’t afford. But most renters fail to realize just how inexpensive renters insurance can be in Sandpoint, ID. If you’re thinking that you just can’t swing it, The Insurance Shop USA wants to give you a good piece of news. 

What You Pay 

The amount you pay ultimately depends on how much you want to ensure your valuables for, but it may only work out to a few dollars a month. It’s not unusual for people to imagine paying up to 15 times more than what it actually costs. And while not all insurance policies in Sandpoint, ID will replace everything (without any upfront costs to the renter), it’s still worth taking out as a precaution. 

Call The Insurance Shop USA 

If there’s a fire or another major disaster, the landlord will be happy to fix the plumbing or redo the plaster. What they won’t be willing to do is replace the items that were damaged during the event. When you spend hundreds of dollars on clothes and electronics, it’s an excellent idea to spend a little extra so that you can breathe easy if something does happen to go wrong. Calling us today is a great way to ask questions about our policies so that you can find one for you. We help make it easier to find a custom plan that will ensure your valuables in the case of theft of natural disaster.