Why It’s a Good Idea to Have Life Insurance Outside of Your Work-Supplied Policy

Many clients believe that their life insurance needs are covered by their work-supplied policies that are contingent upon their continued employment. While a good number of people do stay with a single employer through the working years up until retirement, this is becoming rarer. Layoffs, job changes, and non-traditional work situations are becoming the norm, and it makes sense to consider a life insurance policy outside of the one that is provided by your employer. The Insurance Shop USA is here to help guide you through the process as you review your life insurance needs in the greater Sandpoint, ID area. 

Don’t Let Your Employer Have Complete Control Over Your Life Insurance

Many employer-sponsored policies are term life in nature and do not carry any cash value or other financial benefits. It is advisable to take the work insurance, and the maximum level that you can afford, and also carry your own life insurance policy that will stay with you whether or not your switch jobs. In addition to providing a payout upon the event of your death, life insurance can also be used as an effective financial tool that serves an important role in your overall portfolio. Universal policies, whole life, and variable rate options are just a few examples of the different types of life insurance that are available. If your only life insurance policy is the one that you have through work, you are leaving your family unprotected and also missing out on many financial benefits.

Is it time to review your life insurance policy for completeness? The Insurance Shop USA is here to answer your questions and ensure that our clients in the greater Sandpoint, ID area have the coverage that they need!